If you have ever yearned for the more romantic adventures of your past then this film is for you. However, nostalgia can be dangerous. When we try to relive our past, be it an adventure or relationship, things often go wrong. Never the less, some of us need a cathartic experience to remind ourselves to live in the present.


Looking for the Jackalope is a story based in part on two hitchhiking experiences I had, one with a girlfriend immediately after graduating from a college in Ohio, and then ten years later traveling back for my college reunion. Of course, the story has been greatly fictionalized and embellished to protect the innocent.


The idea of a talking Jackalope came to me in a dream. It has been said that the Jackalope is a mischievous animal that can imitate the human voice, often giving people misinformation or bad advice. I thought it would be a great metaphor as the demon Jordan must confront during his cathartic moment when he realizes he must let go of the past now just a memory, a memory that has taken on mythical proportions much like a Jackalope.


Writer | Director


Karl recently completed his debut feature film, "Looking for the Jackalope" - a cautionary tale about nostalgia. It is a darkly comedic road film about a man's ill-fated odyssey from New York to the Midwest to reunite with his old girlfriend at his 20th college reunion. Currently on the festival circuit, the film has won the JURY AWARD for BEST COMEDY FEATURE AND the AUDIENCE AWARD for BEST U.S. FEATURE at the Austin Revolution Film Festival. Indie Rights Distribution Company will distribute the film in 2017.

Karl also wrote a screenplay for another feature film project, "The Hunters". It is a coming-of-age adventure about American and French embassy kids who must fight to survive when they become stranded in the West African desert on a camping trip gone awry. Based on a true story, this beautiful cross-cultural tale with great international appeal is ready to be told in today's vitriolic climate of cultural misunderstanding and hate. The script was a SEMIFINALIST and one of the TOP 50 SCRIPTS out of 7500 entered in the 2015 Nicholl Fellowships Screenplay Competition. Karl is currently looking for a producer with financing for the film.

Karl’s short film, “Bill’s Seat”, a psychological thriller, won BEST SHORT FILM at the St. Louis International Film Festival, 2003, and was an official selection at numerous other festivals including the Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston and New Orleans International Film Festivals. It was also screened at a SlamDunk showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. His original half-hour period drama, “Elysian Fields”, won numerous festival awards, including a MOBILE AWARD at the First-Run Film Festival, NYU, and a GOLD PRIZE at the World Festival/Houston. Distributed by Tapestry International, it was sold to the BBC-2. In addition,


Karl has worked in the film industry as a storyboard artist for numerous film directors including Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott, and Jonathan Demme. Born and raised in Austin, TX, Karl now calls NYC home.

A short film by Karl Shefelman
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