LONG SYNOPSIS  [Spoiler Alert]

20 years ago Jordan Sterling had the experience of his life when he and his college girlfriend, Jennifer, hitchhiked from Ohio to New York after graduation. It became the subject of his successful first novel, but he has been unable to write anything since. After his agent hands him a soul-killing writing assignment for a magazine article due Monday, Jordan receives a surprise phone call from Jennifer reminding him of their 20th college reunion that weekend. Oh, and by the way...she’s divorced.


Despite his agent's Monday deadline, Jordan books a last minute flight from New York to Columbus, Ohio to meet up with his college buddy, Dr. Jim, so they can drive to the reunion together. Unfortunately, Jordan misses his plane. On a whim, he follows a young neo-hippy couple onto a train bound for Philadelphia. The girl convinces Jordan to hitchhike to Ohio, leaving him with a small gift – psychedelic mushrooms. Jordan gets off the train in Trenton, New Jersey to hitchhike the rest of the way. There's just one problem...it's getting dark and he's alone. No one will give him a ride. After trekking all night on the highway, getting chased by a state trooper and hit in the head by a flying beer bottle, Jordan finally catches a ride the next morning to the Columbus hospital where Dr. Jim is finishing an overnight shift.


Jordan and Dr. Jim drive to the campus where they immediately encounter Jennifer. She is as stunning as she was 20 years ago. Still shell-shocked from seeing her so suddenly, Dr. Jim suggests he and Jordan go to the beer tent. When it starts to rain, Dr. Jim and Jordan head inside to a frat party where Jordan again encounters Jennifer. Though totally exhausted and sleep deprived, Jordan abandons Dr. Jim at the party to take a romantic walk with Jennifer across the college campus. Things are going well and they end up ballroom dancing with a group of seniors celebrating their 50th reunion. When Jordan finally makes a move in for a kiss, Jennifer realizes she may have been leading him on and rejects him. Jordan is devastated.


In an effort to console Jordan, Dr. Jim suggests they eat the psychedelic mushrooms and just have a good time. To Dr. Jim’s chagrin, Jordan gobbles up all the mushrooms and the two old friends have a huge falling out. Jordan goes off by himself and ends up sitting in the local cemetery to reflect on his life. Now tripping, Jordan is confronted by his own worst demon, a talking Jackalope, who persuades him to give Jennifer one more try. In a final twist Jennifer reveals a secret, and Jordan learns a powerful lesson about the perils of living in the past.


A disenchanted New York writer embarks on a comically ill-fated odyssey from New York to Ohio in an attempt to reunite with his old college girlfriend at their 20th class reunion.


Sometimes nostalgia can take you down the wrong road.


After Jordan Sterling, a disenchanted New York writer, receives an unexpected phone call from his old college girlfriend, he embarks on a comically ill-fated odyssey from New York to Ohio, longing to reunite with her at their 20th class reunion. When he misses his plane he plunges into a harrowing hitchhiking journey. Sleep deprived and exhausted from trekking all night, Jordan finally arrives in Columbus to meet up with his college buddy, Dr. Jim, so they can drive to the reunion together. Once on campus Jordan attempts to rekindle a romance with his old flame only to learn a powerful lesson about living in the past.